Wandsworth Local Elections

On the 3rd May, you get your chance to vote on who you want running your local council and local services. Your local councillors decide on things like how often your bins are collected, your roads are repaired, your streets and parks are cleaned and ensure there are enough school places for local children. 

So if you want well run local services, your council tax kept down and managed wisely, your vote is important.

Here in Wandsworth, it’s the Conservatives who run the council and want to continue delivering services Wandsworth residents need and we will do that without hiking up council tax to the levels of other councils surrounding us.

Earlier this year the council invested £150million in regenerating our housing, in the biggest council house building project in the country. We are determined to ensure local people have access to a good quality home, and to help young people get on the housing ladder.

This year we also invested £15million in local schools, which will add extra school places in our primary and secondary schools, as well as extra investment in our special schools provision.

I’m proud that in Wandsworth, all of our special schools are independently rated as outstanding, and 98% of our schools in the borough are rated as good or outstanding, ensuring Wandsworth children get the best start in life.

And as a council we are continuing to support our local small businesses and attract investment into the area, creating new local jobs -many of which will be Wandsworth people. 

Wandsworth council is known for low council tax and managing your money wisely. In 2018, we continued with that record, charging the second lowest average council tax in the entire country.

In neighbouring Merton, run by a Labour council, residents pay £746 more in council tax per year. In neighbouring Lambeth, again run by Labour, residents pay £664 more in council tax every year. These are substantial sums of money and only a Conservative council will continue managing your taxes wisely and keep council tax low, unlike our neighbouring Labour councils.

So if you want your council to continue weekly bin collections, keeping our green spaces and streets clean while investing in good housing and schools, vote Conservative on May 3rd.