New trees make the Borough even greener

Conservative controlled Wandsworth Council has announced plans to make the Borough even greener by planting over 1,150 new trees in the next few months.

This winter, 677 trees will be planted in parks and residential streets and a further 500 will be planted next year. The trees will bring the total number of street trees to almost 17,000 while the number of trees in the Borough’s parks will reach 60,000.

Environment spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “We are seeing a big expansion in tree planting across the whole Borough. Many residential areas will benefit from this welcome extra greenery. This programme builds on our long standing policy of promoting greenery in residential areas and as well as making our residential areas look more attractive the trees will offer habitats for birds and bees. Planting the new trees demonstrates our commitment to making our Borough an even better place to live”.