990 children in Wandsworth are Now Benefiting from 30 Hours of Free Childcare

Councillor Sarah McDermott has welcomed new figures showing that 990 children are benefiting from the Government’s 30 hours free childcare offer in Wandsworth. The offer saves working families around £5,000 per year per child and saw over 200,000 children benefit nationally in its first term. There are now nearly 300, 000 children in 30 hours places in England. It’s backed by a record investment of £6 billion per year in childcare, which includes an extra £1 billion per year by 2020 to deliver the free entitlements.

High quality childcare not only helps children get the best start in life, but also supports many parents who want or need to work. Beneficiaries of the scheme have reported improved family finances as well as a better work-life balance. Alongside introducing and increasing the National Living Wage, and raising the personal allowance, childcare support is one of a number of ways this Government is helping families with the cost of living.

Commenting, Sarah said:

‘For many parents, being able to afford good-quality childcare is essential to working and supporting their families. It is a very important issue and I know from speaking with families in Wandsworth what a difference 30 free hours is making. Reliable childcare gives parents peace of mind and makes day to day life that bit easier. We want to help people with the cost of living. That’s why I am very pleased that this government is spending more money on childcare than ever before, helping parents to balance their home and working lives whilst ensuring more children get the best possible start in life.’