Battersea Bridge Road Survey

Late last year, Transport for London (TFL) consulted on several proposed changes to the area just south of Battersea Bridge. The outcome of the consultation was published last month and can be found online at

We have been campaigning to improve road safety and for new pedestrian crossings - particularly at the point where the Thames Path meets the Bridge - for several years, so we’re pleased to see TFL has noted these concerns.

Several residents have, however, been in touch to express some worries about the proposed changes, as well as the lack of communication from TFL during the consultation period.

The impact of these changes will be felt beyond Battersea Bridge Road, causing backlogs on residential roads nearby – so we need to get it right. Please do have a look at some of the maps overleaf to better understand the changes TFL is proposing.

Following our discussions with residents, we have noted the following issues:

  • The proposal to turn the bus lane on Battersea Bridge Road into a 24-hour bus lane will take away much-needed parking space for residents. It also risks increasing congestion as traffic is reduced to one lane and causing pollution from idling vehicles. TFL’s claims this new 24-hour bus lane will help improve traffic flow on the north side of the bridge - but this will come at our expense!
  • TFL wants to ban the left turn from Battersea Bridge Road into Westbridge Road, displacing traffic to Battersea Church Road, a small residential road that is already suffering from heavy traffic flows. 
  • Additionally, TFL proposes to introduce a right-turn ban from Battersea Bridge Road into Parkgate. These changes will inevitably impact residents who will have to take longer, more convoluted routes to get home.
  • The new triple set of pedestrian lights at the junction of Battersea Bridge Road, Surrey Lane and Prince of Wales Drive again risks adding to congestion – not to mention the fact this feels unnecessary given the current three-way zebra crossings work well.

To help us better fight your corner with TFL, we would welcome your views on these proposals. Please complete the short survey enclosed with this letter and return it to us using the freepost address on the survey - it will take no more than two minutes. We will then present the findings to TFL to encourage them to reconsider aspects of the proposals.

Best wishes,

Cllr Caroline de La Soujeole - St Mary's Ward Councillor

Tom Pridham - Battersea Parliamentary Spokesman



Battersea Bridge Road Survey

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1) Did you receive a letter or leaflet from TFL informing you about the consultation and proposed changes?
2) Are you concerned about the introduction of a new 24-hour bus lane on Battersea Bridge Road?
3) Are you in favour of the left-turn ban from Battersea Bridge Road into Westbridge Road?
4) Are you in favour of the right-turn ban from Battersea Bridge Road into Parkgate?
5) Do you think the installation of a triple set of pedestrian crossing lights at the junction of Battersea Bridge Road, Surrey Lane and Prince of Wales Drive is a good idea?