Northern Line Campaign

The Northern Line between Tooting and Stockwell is already one of the most overcrowded parts of London’s transport network. Passenger demand is projected to grow 25% by 2023.

For this reason, TfL was planning to buy 17 new trains, as part of a significant upgrade to increase capacity. It would have delivered more trains-per-hour during the morning and evening peaks.

Now, the plans for the upgrade have been cancelled. Instead of new, additional trains to increase capacity in the morning rush, the existing trains will be left to cope by themselves. They will merely run the current peak service for an hour longer in the evenings.

Without the new trains, overcrowding will get worse.

The Mayor of London’s partial “fares freeze” has blown a £640m hole in TfL’s budget. The cancellation of the Northern and Jubilee Line upgrades follows a £6m cut in annual track maintenance. Yet commuters continue to pay more to get to work.

We want the Mayor to think again. Local residents need, pay for and deserve the Northern Line upgrade.

We, the undersigned, call on the Mayor of London to reinstate the Northern Line upgrade, which would provide new trains and much-needed capacity.

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