Why I would love to be your Earlsfield ward councillor again

As you may know, sadly a few weeks ago one of our local councillors, Adrian Knowles, passed away. Adrian was a passionate local councillor, working tirelessly for residents, and also a personal friend. He will be sorely missed.

This means that there will soon be a by-election in Earlsfield where you will get to pick who represents you on Wandsworth Council and I have put myself forward to be your Conservative candidate. I was your local councillor in Earlsfield between 1986 and 2014, and having stepped down last year I have missed it tremendously.  I love Earlsfield and passionately want it to be an even better and safer place to live.

Since stepping down, I have become even more active in the community, chairing the Earlsfield Safer Neighbourhood Team and helping to recruit 50 new Neighbourhood Watch coordinators.  I have also been involved with the Residents Associations on the Brocklebank and Henry Prince Estates, as well as working with residents on the Aboyne and Burtop Estates and Willow Tree Close to help make them safer.  I know I can contribute even more to this work by becoming a councillor again.

I also want to represent you and your views, as your councillor, on important matters affecting Earlsfield – and, at present, there is no larger issue than the redevelopment of the Wimbledon Greyhound Stadium.  Plans have been submitted to neighbouring Merton Council to redevelop the site, with a new 11,000 seat stadium (rising to 20,000 seats) and 600 residences.  Yet no provision has been made for extra school places, parking or public transport.

As an Earlsfield resident, I have been frustrated that Labour-run Merton Council seems determined that this development goes through with little thought to its impact on Earlsfield.  The Tooting Labour Party seem all too keen to help them, with Labour voting not to object to the development, despite its impact on Earlsfield. Labour is not representing residents’ views at all on this. I want to be your councillor again to fight tirelessly to make sure this development work for Earlsfield.

I love Earlsfield. We have a wonderful mix of small businesses which make it such a vibrant area, we have fantastic people who are active in their community, always striving to make it better and we have some beautiful green spaces, particularly around the Wandle.

I have missed representing and serving this area to which I’ve devoted the last 30 years, and so do hope you will support me in the forthcoming by-election by allowing me to serve you as your councillor again. Finally, please do get in touch with me if you have any concerns or questions about local issues by emailing me at heretohelp@wandsworthconservatives.com – I am here to help you.

With best wishes,


Angela Graham