Wandsworth Conservatives - leading the way in responding to Climate Change

Today Wandsworth Council is setting out proposals for a new Environmental and Sustainability Strategy. This strategy sets out how the Council intends to put Wandsworth at the heart of the capital’s response to the net zero carbon emissions challenge. The strategy sets out ambitious targets for the council to be carbon neutral by 2030 and zero emission by 2050.

Council Leader Ravi Govindia says, “Climate change is the ultimate global issue. It affects all of us today in countless different ways. It is a very real and quantifiable threat to the way of life for current and future generations. That’s why the Council is proposing a new Environmental Strategy.

“Wandsworth Conservatives have a strong track record in both protecting the local environment and speaking up for its communities. In recent years we have formed cross-party coalitions with other councils and environmental groups to fight Heathrow expansion. Now we want to build on that track record. We want to work with residents and business across Wandsworth to lead the way in tackling climate change. Our goal is to make Wandsworth London’s greenest inner London borough.”

The proposed Environmental Strategy will be voted on at the next full Council meeting in July. The debate follows a cross-party petition signed by over 12,000 residents on the climate change emergency. The Council Leader has welcomed the cross-party approach to this serious issue. The proposals also follow the Government’s announcement that the UK will be the world’s first developed country to commit to net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

To read more click here  … https://democracy.wandsworth.gov.uk/documents/s66839/Appendix%202%20to%20Paper%20No.%2019-197.pdf