Londoners want choice Campaign - Sign our Petition Today

Sadiq Khan is backing Transport for London's blanket ban of Uber, set to come in next week.

Not only do 3.5million people use Uber in London, but a ban will also risk over 40,000 jobs.

While we agree Uber must address safety concerns and that it is important there is a level playing field across the private hire market, we don't believe a blanket ban is the solution.

This will only cause massive inconvenience to millions of Londoners, while showing the world that London is closed to business and innovation.

We believe Londoners want competition and innovation that provides choice, lower prices and the opportunity for extra income for tens of thousands of people.

We back the majority of people who want the taxi trade to have fair competition - not protection - where the rules are upheld fairly on both sides.

Once again, Labour are taking it too far and ordinary working people will pay the price for it.

Sign our petition today, calling for Sadiq Khan to rethink his decision to ban Uber in London.