Kim Caddy is Making a Real Difference on Housing Issues

Housing is a key issue for Battersea residents. Conservatives are leading the local effort to build more homes, support tenants, get people on or up the housing ladder and end rough sleeping. Wandsworth Councillors recently approved a refreshed housing strategy which sets out detailed plans to meet the needs and ambitions of our local residents and workers. A key part of the strategy is the programme to build 1000 homes on Council estate land, which already has over 150 units completed and a further 65 subject to planning consent.

Cllr Kim Caddy, Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Battersea and Cabinet Member for Housing at Wandsworth, said: “This strategy sets out an ambitious housing programme designed to help people achieve their housing aspirations. These plans will benefit residents across Battersea, building on our recent achievements.  Over the last three years we have exceeded targets for delivering both market and affordable housing, taken action to improve standards in the private rented sector and implemented changes to prevent homelessness through significant upfront investment in services.”

GLA candidate for Merton and Wandsworth, Cllr Louise Calland said: “I welcome this ambitious strategy which focuses on housing delivery as well as using innovative ways to meet housing needs. This includes the exciting pilot,  ‘housing into work’ which has now been incorporated into the council’s Workmatch Service to help young people with both employment and housing opportunities.”