Conservatives set to freeze Council Tax again

Conservative-controlled Wandsworth Council is set to freeze Council Tax for a second year in a row at a Full Council meeting next month.

In the past 12 years, Wandsworth has only increased Council Tax twice. Band D properties will pay £677.65, around half the £1,300 London average.

Ravi Govindia, leader of Wandsworth Council, said:

"We are on course to freeze council tax again this year so the average bill in Wandsworth will continue to be the lowest in the country.

"Our spending continues to fall year-on-year but unlike many other councils we are not making up the shortfall with higher taxes or widespread cuts to frontline services. Instead we have drastically reduced our back office, slashed our senior staff wage bill and cut down the number of council departments.

"We have market tested more services than ever before, driving out waste and uncovering better and more efficient ways of performing our duties. Time and again we prove that embracing ideas from outside organisations can generate real benefits and improve the services our residents rely on. The net result is that Wandsworth Council is now a much leaner and more efficient machine than ever before, but with the same high quality service standards and ultra low tax rate.

"In the years ahead savings will become increasingly hard to find and we have to consider more imaginative ways of working. Part of our solution will be to share staff with Richmond Council so we can continue to reduce spending while protecting front line services and keeping council tax low. These principles will continue to guide our work in the years ahead."