Committee of MPs join chorus of criticism against Heathrow expansion

Wandsworth Conservatives welcomed a new report from a committee of MPs who have sounded warning bells over the current plans to expand Heathrow and build a third runway.

The House of Commons Transport Select Committee has published a report warning ministers that allowing Heathrow to increase air traffic via a new third runway would create unacceptable levels of air pollution and noise disturbance to communities living under the flightpath.

Council leader Ravi Govindia said: “This cross-party select committee has studied the issue in great detail and reached the same undeniable conclusions we have. Allowing Heathrow to build another runway would cause unacceptable harm to many hundreds of thousands of Londoners.

“Heathrow is already in breach of statutory air quality limits so its difficult to see how adding thousands more flights and tens of thousands of extra vehicle movements is going to do anything other than make an intolerable and already unlawful situation a lot worse.

“The only people to benefit would be the airport operators, while those paying the costs would be people in west and south west London who would suffer more aircraft noise and breathe more polluted air.

“So far the Government has failed to make the case for Heathrow expansion. This report by the Select Committee is further proof that they are fooling absolutely no-one.”