Battersea Conservatives to select their next MP candidate this Friday


Battersea Conservatives are all set to choose their next parliamentary candidate at a Special General Meeting of local members this Friday.

The Association will get to hear from, and question, all three prospective candidates before casting a vote to decide the winner.

The final three have already come a long way to get to this stage, having already successfully navigated a number of selection interviews to reach the final.

Stuart Thom, the local Association Chairman said:

“This really is an exciting time for the Association and I wish all three of the shortlisted candidates the very best wishes for this Friday.  As an Association we can’t wait to get behind whomever is chosen on the night, and our campaign to re-take the seat, lost narrowly  to Labour in the 2017 General Election, will begin at the crack of dawn the following morning.  Since 2017 Battersea has been represented in Parliament by an unresponsive and invisible local MP who has completely failed to grasp the importance of her role.  We look forward to making the case that Battersea deserves much better”.