Your conservative team for Fairfield: Cllr. Piers McCausland, Rory O’Broin and Cllr. Will Sweet

Air Quality in Wandsworth


Dear Resident

Mayor of London consultation on Ultra Low Emission Zone (Wednesday 28 February deadline)


Air pollution is a critical public health challenge for London, contributing to thousands of early deaths and leading to lung and cardiovascular problems for Londoners of all ages.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, is introducing an Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) to impose emissions standards for certain vehicles from 2019. The Mayor is now consulting on proposals to extend the ULEZ from central London to inner London up to, but not including the North and South Circular in 2021 for light vehicles. 

You may have already seen the advertisements for this consultation, which closes this Wednesday 28 February 2018.

How does the ULEZ extension affect us in Wandsworth?

We certainly welcome the Mayor of London's focus on tackling poor air quality in London and acknowledge that a congestion charge zone will be part of the solution. However, we feel that these ULEZ proposals lack detailed traffic modelling and analysis on local impact.

We have a number of concerns as to how these proposals might affect Wandsworth in practice, which include the following:

  • Rat running and parking – the Mayor's proposals will place the border of the ULEZ zone along the South Circular - we are concerned that this will lead to rat running and increased parking pressure on the residential roads south of the A3 and A205 (e.g. residential roads south of East Hill).


  • Traffic pressure on the South Circular – at the weekend and holidays many people leave Wandsworth by car, often travelling north to pick up motorways such as the M4 exiting London. These new proposals may push this traffic east/west and south, putting even greater pressure on the South Circular, A3 and other Wandsworth roads.


  • Impact on waste management – Wandsworth’s busy waste and recycling centre in Smugglers Way stands to fall within the new ULEZ. Wandsworth Council is working hard to combat fly-tipping, and we are worried this scheme will be a barrier that discourages people from taking their rubbish to our waste facility.


  • Cost – estimates suggest that this scheme may cost up to £130m. TfL currently has an operating deficit of close to £1bn, and so it is important that the extension of the ULEZ is properly and accurately costed, and doesn't require a further scaling back of TfL projects and services in the coming years ahead of 2021. 

In order to make sure the voice of Wandsworth residents is heard, we would encourage everyone to take 10 minutes today to respond to the Mayor of London's consultation on the following page


Yours faithfully

Cllr Piers McCausland, Cllr Rory O'Broin, Cllr Will Sweet

January Newsletter

Are Tonsleys set for conservation status? 

Your local councillors are considering seeking special protected status for the Tonsleys, and will consult widely with local residents on the idea in 2018.

Conservation Area status for the Tonsleys is an idea that has been suggested by your local Conservative Councillors after the Mayor of London’s decision to impose the unpopular ‘Homebase tower’ on our community, overruling the Council’s decision to reject the original proposal. In Wandsworth we are very proud of our 45 Conservation Areas, which are places of special architectural or historic interest. Planning decisions in these areas have to meet stricter criteria than in other parts of London, with consideration given to preserving or enhancing the character and appearance of the Conservation Area.  While we can see many benefits in the Tonsleys becoming a Conservation Area, tighter planning control can make it harder for ordinary homeowners to obtain permission to carry out improvements. We therefore intend to consult on this idea widely with local residents, to explore whether Conservation Area status would suit the Tonsleys and could help prevent unpopular developments in future. We look forward to hearing your views in 2018.

Support for EU citizens

Wandsworth Council has taken the lead in providing practical support to EU citizens living in the UK throughout the Brexit process. The Council has provided dedicated funding for a special Citizens Advice service for EU citizens in Wandsworth, offering free guidance and support. For full details of the service click here

Your local electric charging points

Council leading the charge

Improving air quality for borough residents is a priority for Wandsworth Conservatives. We were therefore delighted to support the installation of new electric vehicle charging points on Edgel Street off Old York Road. The Council has made a commitment to encouraging sustainable transport, and in December approved an Electric Vehicle Charging Strategy to significantly increase the number of charging points available in our area, including in our lamp posts.

Regeneration progressing

The exciting regeneration of Wandsworth town centre continues apace. Construction is well advanced on Wandsworth High Street to deliver 200 new homes, including 50 low cost affordable homes prioritised for local residents. The development will contain a new library and an improved passage to the green space of Old Burial Ground. 
Meanwhile, the Ram Brewery development has recently received the boost of a £12 million investment to create a new cultural hub, including a heritage centre and microbrewery. Community based activities and art installations are set to follow.

Banking on our river paths

Banking on our river paths

We are very lucky in Wandsworth to have access to wonderful parks, open spaces and in particular London’s rivers. An exciting eco project has created a new wildlife habitat at the mouth of the river Wandle and, at the same time, you may have noticed the new repaving alongside Pier Terrace and ongoing work in Wandsworth Park. Conservative Wandsworth Council encourages riverside access and more new river path walkways are in the pipeline.

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